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  • ARDI
  • ARDI - Getting Started
    Here's to ask your basic questions about the package, a great place for beginners or those who are still looking into ARDI to ask questions and learn.
    28,887 discussions 28,896 comments
  • ARDI - Issues
    Are you having an issue with ARDI or don't quite know how to do something? Post your questions here and someone will answer them shortly.
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  • ARDI - General
    This area is for general chat about the product - discuss what you've done, best practices, new discoveries, or just find out more about the product.
    132 discussions 132 comments
  • ARDI - AR
    Discussions about the Augmented Reality client on mobile devices.
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  • ARDI - VE
    Discussions about the ARDI Virtual Environment client
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